Heidi Jalkh

Experimental Designer

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Heidi Jalkh Experimental designer trained in industrial design. Born in Medellín, Colombia and currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

my work is focus on craft-based processes, the manufacture of bio-inspired materials and strategic design. I am is a specialist in Logic and Technique of Form and holds an interdisciplinary research master’s degree from OpenDesign, a joint program of the Humboldt-Berlin University and the University of Buenos Aires. Currently, I work as a teacher and researcher at UBA, FADU. There, I teach the subjects of Morphology and Industrial Design at the undergraduate level, Biodesign in the master’s program MAEDI and I also direct the research group Materials Systems. In 2020 I was selected to be part of the Global Community Bio Fellows Program, organized by the Community Biotechnology Initiative of the MIT Media Lab.

Parallel to the academic activities, I continue to run my professional practice as a designer and my projects have been exhibited in different international exhibitions, festivals and galleries, as well as in print and digital media.


_Diseño_ Experimental | Materiales | Estratégico.

Clientes: GesNext-IBM | Le Pain Quotidien | Glitter Iluminación | Mauricio Asta | Parrilla Don Julio | Diego Garcia Tedesco | Floreria Atlantico | Alejandro Sticotti – Net Muebles | Coca-Cola Arg. | Fabrica diseño e innovación | Tienda Malba |ASADERO |



02.2019 – 02.2022 | Directora de proyecto de investigación avanzado Sistemas Materiales | FADU, UBA | Buenos Aires, Argentina


30.12.2020 | Sistemas Materiales ’21 | Proyecto Aprobado y declarado de interés por/para la ciudad de Buenos Aires como parte del Programa de MecenazgoProyecto #  | Buenos Aires, Argentina

08.2020 | Global Community Bio fellow – Global Community Bio Fellowship Program @MIT Media Lab

02.12.2019 | Mención Academica. Otorgada por Rectorado de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina

07.11.2018 | Sistemas Materiales y Diseño Computacional (SiMaDiCo) | Proyecto Aprobado y declarado de interés por/para la ciudad de Buenos Aires como parte del Programa de MecenazgoProyecto # 7397/RPC/2018 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

28.02.2017 | Solo Show Prize, Museo del Design 1880-1980 | Open to Art  Officine Saffi | Milano, Italia

10.11.2016 | Beca de Creación del Bicentenario Fondo Nacional de las Artes | Buenos Aires, Argentina


03.11 -05.11.2017 | Instalación site-specific Cobogó Digital- DISEÑO EN ACCIÓN. Intersecciones contemporáneas | Sala #3 Horizonte Ceramico – Fundación PROA. Buenos Aires, Argentina

03.11 -05.11.2017 | Casa Canvas @ Operæ , Lingotto, Turin

28.02 -17.03.2017 | Open to Art  Officine Saffi | Milano, Italia

08.05 – 08.07.2015 | Intersecciones ICON DESIGN | Hotel Design suites | Buenos Aires, Argentina

17-26.10.2014 | Ventura Interieur Biennale Interieur | Kortrijk, Belgica

17-20.09.2014 | 100% design London Earls Court | Londres, Inglaterra

8-13.09.2014 | Meet my project Espace Commines, Paris, Francia

10.10.2013 | Exposición y Subasta de diseño por el Année Boulle | Hôtel de Ville, Paris, Francia

17-20.05.2013 | WantedDesign – LaunchPad | 269 11th Ave, Nueva York, USA

24-28.02.2012 | Paralela gift Parque de Ibirapuera | Sao Paulo, Brasil


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